Adam Searcy is a biologist with interests in bird censusing techniques and methodologies, changes in status and distribution (with a keen interest in historical ecology), and the never-ending challenges presented by field identification. His interests and experience include work with native plants, fishes, and California’s herpetofauna.  He's done field work in many of California’s myriad habitats, including offshore waters and most of the islands.  

Adam is currently working as an independent consultant and at the WFVZ, a large avian collection (museum) in southern California.  He is also working on a comprehensive status and distribution of the birds of Ventura County, CA, and has dreams of writing a natural history of the county.

He is a member of the CBRC, an active editor of eBird records, and is very interested in citizen science initiatives, especially when they strengthen the social conservation ethic and generate public interest in the natural world.